Why Customers Leave Online Reviews

Why Customers Leave Online Reviews

To get more reviews of your business online, you have to understand the psychology of why people leave reviews in the first place. You can then use this information to your advantage when getting in contact with your customers to see if they would be happy to write an impartial review of your business. Over the years, the number of Total SEO reviews online has grown substantially. We’ve taken the time to speak to our clients to research and find out what were the main reasons they decided to leave an online review for us. Some of the answers included the following:

To Say Thank You

The top answer we received from our clients was that one of the main reasons they took the time to leave us a review was simply to say ‘thank you’. We are in a fortunate position to work with other businesses who understand the positive impact that online reviews can have to any business. As we ensure we deliver nothing but the very best when it comes to both service and results to our clients, this has resulted in a high number of them thanking us publicly, which we really appreciate. You can use this knowledge to your advantage. If you deliver outstanding service and your customers are privately giving you positive feedback, don’t be shy about asking them to leave you a review online. Explain how this will really help to promote your business and don’t forget to thank them if they take the time to leave you a review.

To Help Others

People naturally want to help others. The ability to leave online reviews is a great way to assist others, as people can quickly get an idea of what to expect from a business from what others have experienced. It is important as a business owner or manager to remember that your customers will tell other people about the service they have received from your company, whether good or bad. Online review sites have made this outlet a lot simpler and easier.

To Be Heard

We all want to be heard and have a voice. If you treat a customer poorly, you run the risk of them voicing their disappointment online on independent review sites. Likewise, if the service they have received is positive, they will want to share this knowledge with others. Online review sites give everyone a platform to be heard and voice their opinions.

We hope the above information that we have gathered helps you with understanding why people leave reviews online. There are of course other reasons, but as mentioned previously, the above ones are the main points we have received.