Total SEO Reviews Guide

Total SEO Reviews Guide: Outshine Your Competition Through Online Reviews

No matter what industry sector your business falls within, it is a fact that you will have competition. Online competition manifests itself in a number of ways, but the major one is, which websites rank highest in the search engines such as Google for keywords and phrases relating to your business. It is only natural then for your business to not just to survive but to thrive online, you need to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to do this is to allow your customers to leave reviews and rate your services, products and general experience of choosing you on independent review websites. Here at Total SEO, we’ve noticed a real positive impact of having reviews online from our clients to obtaining new clients and you can too.

Where to Start

If you take our business as an example and run a Google search for ‘Total SEO reviews’, you will be presented with a range of independent review websites that we are listed on. These sites include Yell, Trustpilot, Facebook and Setting up business profiles on those sites is easy and can be done within a matter of minutes. Once your profile is live, your customers will be able to leave an honest review and star rating of your business in relation to how they feel about you.

How does this benefit?

Sites such as those independent review websites mentioned above have high page rank and authority within the search engines. This means that you want to be linked with them and you can by setting up a business profile. Your profile is treated as an individual page, so whenever someone searches for your business, they won’t just be presented with your website, but also sites showing off the reviews you have received. This means dominating more of the search engine space and providing your potential customers with confidence to get in touch with you.

What you should be aware of

There are some important things to remember when it comes to concentrating on gaining reviews, which are as follows:

1)     No guarantee – Just because you have set up your page on across a number of review websites, doesn’t guarantee you will receive reviews. You may have to take a proactive approach and inform your current customers that they can leave a review for you online.

2)     Review type – A review left from your customers could be positive or negative. You need to have processes in place to deal with negative reviews if the situation ever arrives. We feel that a head-on approach is best and to respond to all reviews left about your business.

3)     Time – Managing the review process can be a job in itself. You need to be sure you set time aside on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to view all new reviews left of your business and respond, along with sharing new reviews on your social media sites and creating business profiles on more independent review websites.

4)     Honest & Impartial – Although we mentioned about the need to be proactive to gain reviews, you need to ensure that the reviews left about your business are honest and impartial. There should be no financial gain for your customers to leave you a review. They should be doing it because they want and are happy to.

We like to be realistic at Total towers and that’s why we have created this article. Reviews about your business will help you to stand out from the crowd but it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and effort on your behalf, but the benefits to your business will certainly be worth it.