Total SEO Reviews Guide: How to Respond to Online Reviews Both Positive & Negative

Total SEO Reviews Guide: How to Respond to Online Reviews Both Positive & Negative

Having business profiles set up on review sites and receiving reviews are important elements to building your online brand reputation. However, managing the process of receiving reviews is just as important. As a business, you need to know what is being said about the products and/or services you provide. Here at Total SEO, we ensure that we have the processes in place so we know and can respond to all reviews left about our business from our clients.

How to respond to negative reviews

In an ideal world, everyone we work with will be more than happy with what they receive. However, in the real-world, you can’t always please everyone. This can manifest into negative reviews being left online from particular customers who aren’t satisfied. If left unchecked, this can be damaging to your business as other future customers may be put off from coming to you for their requirements. However, by responding to the negative review, you can implement damage limitation. Here’s what to do step-by-step if a negative review is left about your business:

1)     Read thoroughly – When you first realise that what you are reading is a negative review of your business, it can be tempting to stop reading it or ignore it completely. We advise the complete opposite. Read it carefully to fully understand what the complaint is.

2)     Investigate – Whether the review is left about a particular department in your business, employee or product/service or company as a whole, you need to investigate to find out the full picture.

3)     Respond – Once you have all of the evidence, you can formulate a reply. We always encourage to be polite and apologise if necessary and highlight how processes have or will be changed to avoid such problems in the future. However, if the review is completely unjust, then explain politely everything you have done for the client and provide them with an email address to discuss further.

4)     Check for replies – It is important to check back after you have responded to see if they reply to your comments, so you can have an open dialogue.

Carrying out this process isn’t just important to clear up any grievances with your customer, it also shows any future customers that you care, which helps to minimise any damaging impact from a negative review.

How to respond to positive reviews

Whilst responding to negative reviews is important, positive reviews should not get overlooked. There can be a tendency to spend your time focusing on the negative but not responding to the positive. However, there are many benefits to also engaging with customers who leave you a positive review online.

By responding and thanking customers for taking the time to leave a review, this not only shows your current customer who left the review that you care and hopefully leads to customer retention, they are also more likely to refer you to other people. Also, when potential new customers see that you are actively engaging with your customers, this speaks volumes to them about the high level of service they can expect to receive if they choose to come to you.

We hope our latest Total SEO reviews guide helps to demonstrate the importance of responding to both positive and negative reviews.