The Importance of Positive Reviews

The Importance of Positive Reviews

In this digital age we live in, it is now easier than ever before for a review of a business to be created and left online for the world to see. Sites such as Trustpilot, Tripadvisor and range of online directories are geared up to receive reviews of all business types. This can be a fantastic way to market your business online. For example, if you were to run a Google search for ‘Total SEO reviews’, you will see the number of fantastic reviews we have received from our clients. These reviews have pushed our business to the next level as they help potential new customers feel comfortable before committing to using our SEO services.

How to gain positive reviews

This is a question we get frequently asked. Our answer always remains the same. The way to get positive reviews online is to provide a fantastic service. This may sound simple, but that’s all it takes. Also, don’t be shy to ask your clients to review your business online, if they are happy with the service or products they have received, then it is highly likely that they will be happy to review your business.

How to manage reviews

Our key piece of advice to any business is to monitor any websites they are listed on for reviews to make sure they know what is being said about their business. In an ideal world, all reviews will be positive, however, sometimes negative reviews can be left. Whilst this may seem devastating at the time, you can turn this into a positive. The best way to handle negative reviews is to respond to them in a professional manner. Address the concerns and apologise for any shortcomings. By doing this, you are still showing potential new customers that you care. This is also true for positive reviews, leaving a little note, thanking people for taking the time to leave a review speaks volumes. For all of the Total SEO reviews we have received, we reply to each and every one.

With less than a week away until Christmas, this is a great time to take stock of how your business has performed and create an action plan for how you plan to gain reviews online for 2018.