Should You Care About Online Reviews?

Should You Care About Online Reviews?

Do you sell a product or service? If you have answered yes, then you should care about online reviews. It’s certainly true to say that online reviews can make or break a business which relies on building up an online reputation. Therefore, you may feel that setting up profiles on independent review sites to receive online reviews is a gamble. However, if you provide fantastic customer service along with great products or services that genuinely benefit your customers, you don’t need to worry. In fact, if you currently don’t make it easy for your customers to leave online reviews, then you are missing out on new business!

Hopefully, the above information has got you interested in finding out how to get online reviews for your business. We are going to share with you some of the quickest and easiest ways to start building your online brand through genuine reviews, starting from today.

Step 1 – Make it hassle-free for your customers to leave you an online review

How do you achieve step 1? Simply by setting your business profile up on a number of well known independent review sites. For example, by running a Google search right now for ‘Total SEO reviews’, you will see our business profile on review sites such as, Facebook, Yell and Glassdoor. All of those sites make it easy for your customers to leave you a review once they have found your profile on them.

Step 2 – Ask for a review

Once step 1 is complete, you need to be direct with your customers to start gaining reviews. Just because you have set your profile up on a range of review websites, doesn’t guarantee your customers will leave you a review. Therefore, if you explain to them what you are trying to achieve, if your customers are happy with what they have received from you, then they will likely leave you a review. Reviews are like buses, it can seem like ages to wait for one, but once that first one arrives, more start coming in at once. You have to be brave and take the initial proactive step.

Step 3 – Monitoring

When you start receiving reviews online, you need to know what is being said and when it is being said. That way you can ensure that your brand is building a positive image for future potential customers. You may also come to learn about certain things you can improve within your business from the feedback left.

Step 4 – Interact

We advocate responding to each and every review left about your business on the independent review websites. There are a number of reasons for this, which includes showing your current and potential new customers that you care what is being said about your business. If the worst case happens and you receive any negative feedback, then you can respond to it there and then to implement damage limitation.

Step 5 – Repeat Steps 1-4

Building an online reputation through reviews never finishes. You need to always be creating new places online for your customers to leave reviews, promote the fact that your customers can provide feedback online and monitor, then reply to what is being said.

By carrying out all of the above, you are well on your way to increasing the number of online reviews you have about your business online. We are confident that by focusing on the above, you will experience fantastic ROI.