How to Make Online Reviews Work for Business

It doesn’t take much research online to discover that there is an overall concluding view that online reviews DO influence potential customers in their decision-making process of which supplier to opt for. With this in mind, if you currently don’t have any reviews online from your customers, then you could be missing out on valuable new business. After all, you may provide the best service to your current customers, but how will anyone else know about that, unless you have your customers singing your praises?

Whether you’re new to the idea of gaining online reviews for your business or you have online reviews but want to ensure you are making the most out of them to gain future revenue, then read on! We’ve come up with our top 3 ways of how to make online reviews really work for your company. We feel we are well placed to give advice on this topic as we have been gaining reviews online for a number of years. You can see proof of this now by running a Google search for ‘Total SEO reviews’.

  1. Quality over Quantity

When speaking to our clients who first enquired to us because of the reviews we have received, we have found out that it was the quality of reviews left from our current clients that really mattered, not the quantity of the reviews we have. Star ratings are great, but potential new customers want to be able to read about actual experiences, so the more in-depth the review is, the better. Therefore, we would suggest that if you are going to ask your customers if they would be kind enough to leave a review for you online, that along with giving a star rating, also adding in a brief description of their experiences with you.

  1. Respond to all reviews, whether positive or negative

This point is extremely important. If you want to show potential new customers that you care and thrive on delivering exceptional service, then interacting with customers who leave you an online review speaks volumes. You must reply to all reviews, whether they are positive or negative. If the review is positive, then you can respond with a ‘thank you’ and any further comments you feel relevant. If the review is negative, then you need to fully understand the reason for the negative review, this includes thoroughly reading through their complaint and then doing investigations in=house to see what happened to cause the review. You can then properly respond to this type of review. By doing this, your potential new customers will be able to understand both points of view and it shows that it matters to you if someone isn’t 100% satisfied. This is great for damage limitation and turning a potential negative situation into a positive.

  1. SEO

Reviews aren’t just great for brand building, they also play an important role in SEO as well. By getting your business profile across a number of highly ranked independent review sites, then hopefully receiving positive reviews will give your website domain more trust and authority with the search engines such as Google and Bing. This means that in time, you will notice more organic visits to your website and enquiries as a result due to your website climbing up the rankings and being above your competition.

To sum up, online reviews are great for a number of reasons, but the main point being that they can add real value and bottom line profits to your business. We hope this article has highlighted the importance of not just gaining online reviews but also how to manage them as well.