Total SEO Reviews Guide: Why We Love TrustPilot & Why You Should Too

Total SEO Reviews Guide: Why We Love TrustPilot & Why You Should Too

Here at Total SEO, we have our business profile set up across a number of independent review sites so our clients can easily leave us an online review to let us know how we are doing. We also allow online reviews as we want potential new clients to fully understand what they can expect from us by reading impartial feedback.

Over the years we have focused heavily on gaining Total SEO reviews. As a result, we have gained some fantastic knowledge of what we feel are the best sites to focus your efforts on gaining online reviews. Our top spot is Trustpilot –

Why Trustpilot?

There are a number of reasons as to why we love Trustpilot so much, however, we thought we would share our top 3 favourite things about this independent review site and why you should consider getting your business profile set up on there:

1)     Ease of use – This extends to both businesses setting up their profile on Trustpilot and managing reviews and clients being able to leave a rating and review description. Ease is great as it means that it is not too much trouble for your customers to visit your profile and leave a review, the process can be completed in minutes.

2)     Page rank – Coming purely from an SEO standpoint, Truspilot ranks really well for anything review related. Therefore, if your business website doesn’t naturally rank that well for particular search terms, getting your business profile on Trustpilot and receiving online reviews, can really help with your organic rankings.

3)     Plugins – Trustpilot have plugins you can add to your website which show the reviews you have received. This will help to build confidence with new visitors to your site.

Facts from Trustpilot

So, we’ve given our reasons why we love Trustpilot. Here are some reasons direct from Trustpilot why you should consider having your business open to online reviews:

1)     There is the potential to generate an additional 44% (on average) revenue per year from having online reviews. This is due to building an online brand and customer confidence.

2)     According to their statistics, 77% of consumers in the UK will check independent review websites before committing to a purchase from a particular company. If a new customer can’t find any reviews of your business online, what message does this send to them?

3)     If when someone finds your website in Google or another search engine and they can also see your reviews from Trustpilot above or below your rank position, this can help increase conversions by around 17%.

We are strong advocates here at Total SEO of making sure that implementing processes and strategies within a business is hassle-free for all involved. That’s why we cannot fault Trustpilot as a 3rd party independent review site which can aid in growing your business by building brand authority, confidence and loyalty for the future.