Total SEO Reviews Guide: The impact of Reviews on SEO

For this Total SEO reviews guide, we are going to focus on the impact that online reviews can have on the natural rankings of your website in the search engines. Did you know that it’s not just your customers who will trust your business more when they can easily find reviews of your business online? The major search engines such as Google also put positive weight on having your website linked to independent review sites and receiving positive (highly scored) reviews.

Why is this the case?

If we take Google as an example. This search engine wants to provide its visitors with relevant websites in the search engines for their search term. A number of factors are included as to what sites rank the highest. One of those factors considered is, is the website domain and business as a whole trustworthy? This is where having honest, positive reviews online (not just on your website but across a number of independent review sites) can give your website the boost up the search rankings you’re looking for.

Are you benefiting?

To benefit from the above knowledge, you need to be sure that your business profile is set up across a number of independent review sites. In our opinion, the better the rank and authority the independent review sites have, the better for your website as well. As a quick checklist, is your business profile set up on the following:

1)     Trustpilot –

2)     Tripadvisor – (if applicable)

3)     Yell –

4)     Glassdoor – (Great site if you have employees)

5)     Reviews –

6)     Facebook –

Getting your business profile set up on sites such as the above is just one part of the puzzle. Once you have your profiles set up, you need to start inviting your clients to leave reviews for you. For the some of the review sites, a snippet of your reviews and ratings will be included in their meta description which helps to attract more potential customers to click on the link to find out more.

We love to share as much information as possible and that’s why we have written this article, as from research, we find that a number of our clients don’t realise that there are many benefits to having their profiles set up on independent reviews sites and SEO should not go overlooked.