Online Reviews Can Make or Break a Business

Online Reviews Can Make or Break a Business

We read an interesting fact here the other day at Total Towers about how millennials trust online reviews more than TV advertisements. The online digital world is here to stay and will continue to grow over the next years and indeed generations. Don’t let your business get left behind by not utilising the power of gaining online reviews. Here at Total SEO, we have made it our mission to provide our clients with the best service and results. This has resulted in there being a high number of positive Total SEO reviews online.

Online reviews have a huge impact on any business no matter the industry. From hospitality through to professional services, customers want to research before committing and one of the best ways to do that quickly is to search online for previous customer reviews of the company. For every star that a company gains with reviews, their sales are extremely likely to increase as a result. However, if there are negative reviews then it is also likely that sales will be affected. However, receiving negative reviews isn’t the end of the world and if addressed online by the company, they can be resolved, minimizing the potentially damaging impact.

How to get online reviews?

The first thing you need to do is ensure that your business profile is set up on the main independent review sites. Some are more applicable than others to certain industry sectors, but here are our favourites:

1) – In at the top spot is, applicable to all industry sectors and viewed as a trusted source for accurate and honest reviews.

2)     TripAdvisor – If your business is in the hospitality space then you need to ensure you are getting reviews on Tripadvisor. It is the ‘go to’ review site for restaurants, hotels, attractions and places of interest.

3) – One of our personal favourites is, again, applicable to all industry sectors and this one ranks well in Google for your business profile.

4) – Yell is free to create a listing on and because of its history, is a known trusted source online for reviews of all industry sectors.

Setting up a profile on any of the above is easy and takes minutes. Once your company profile is set up, people can leave reviews of your business. It really is that simple.

We hope the information above helps and to prove we stand by our advice, feel free to run a Google search for ‘Total SEO reviews’ to see what our clients have said about us.