5 Reasons Why Online Reviews are Important for Your Business

5 Reasons Why Online Reviews are Important for Your Business

Building and maintaining an online reputation for your business takes times and consistency. However, if done correctly, having a positive online presence can take your business growth to new highs. Since the explosion of the internet, businesses that have latched on to building an online presence have greatly benefited and you can too. One of the best ways to build a positive online reputation of your business is by gaining positive reviews from your customers.

Online reviews sit firmly in the middle of the traditional word of mouth referrals and viral feedback. With this in mind, we thought we would share our 5 benefits that we have experienced from gaining positive Total SEO reviews.

Increased Revenue

For a business to not just to survive but to thrive, it is imperative that revenue and profits are generated. By gaining positive reviews online, you will naturally experience more enquiries and clients as a result, which means increased revenue and growth for your business.


Having your business profile set up across a number of highly reputable independent review sites which link back to your website has a positive effect on the organic rankings of your own website. This coupled with receiving positive reviews on the independent review sites which rank well, aids in boosting your SEO. For example, if you search for ‘Total SEO reviews’, you will see sites such as Trustpilot, Glassdoor and Yell appear on page one of Google.


Online reviews allow potential customers to research your business before committing. This is great for you because having positive online reviews will set your business apart from your competition and build trust with your new customers from the outset. Allowing your business to receive reviews online also shows your new customers that you aren’t afraid to hear what your customers have to say.

Gives Your Customers a Voice

People like to share their experiences with others whether good or bad. If you look after your customers then they will want to share their experience with others and the best way to do that is to leave you a review online. This also helps to increase customer loyalty for the future.

Highlights Potential Problems

Although no business wants to receive a less than positive review. Honest reviews are a great way for you to find out what processes need to be changed or improved within your business. Gaining this knowledge is invaluable and by allowing online reviews, this information will come to you free of charge.

The above are just 5 of our favourite reasons to start receiving online reviews today for your business. There are plenty more but to ensure we don’t run on too much, we will leave it there. We hope this information is useful for you and your business.